Author Alexandra Hinrichs during an author presentation

School Visits

Thank you for your interest! I love connecting with readers, teachers, and librarians!

Full-Day Visit:

The following is an example of what a possible full-day author visit might look like. There are many other ways to structure the visit, though, and I will work with you to make it the best visit for your school’s needs!

  • Author Presentation: (all school) 20-25 min. for presentation, 10-15 min. for questions (30-40 min. total)

    • Introduces myself and my journey to publication
    • Explains my research & writing process
    • Gives backstory for Thérèse Makes a Tapestry
    • Emphasizes collaborative nature of publication & working with an illustrator
    • Suggests some of my favorite tricks and tools for making a character and their world come to life
    • Q&A
  • Small Group Workshops: (3-4 max for 25 kids at a time) 30-40 min. each

    • These workshops can be focused on a number of themes such as: character-building, picture-book creation, and finding stories in history. I like to ask teachers ahead of time to find out if there are certain aspects of writing or research that they would like me to focus on. Workshops are designed and adapted to incorporate Common Core standards for the appropriate grade level(s).
  • Book Signing: 15 min.

    • It works well to tack this on to the workshop time.
    • All students will leave with a bookmark, and if any book orders were placed, this is the time I will personalize those, as well. I can help facilitate book orders if you do not yet have a procedure in place.
  • Lunch with Students:

    • If it can be arranged, I enjoy eating lunch with students, and would suggest that this include not only students who love to read or write, but also some who don’t (yet) or who struggle with it.

Half-Day Visit:

An effective half day visit could include one of the following options. Again, I am happy to work with you to make the best possible arrangement for your school.

  • a general assembly and one workshop
  • two workshops
  • two interactive presentations (author presentation plus an activity that involves student volunteers)

Skype Visit:

  • A 20-minute Q&A session – FREE with purchase of one of my books for your classroom or school library



  • Full-day visit: $600
  • Half-day visit: $350

+ mileage if necessary

New England:

  • Full-day visit: $700
  • Half-day visit: $400

+ one-night lodging & mileage

Other States:

  • Full-day visit: $850
  • Half-day visit*: $500

+ one or two-night lodging, airfare, & a rental car if required

* half-day visits only available if 2 or more are booked. For example, two schools in the area might work together to each book one half-day visit.


The first 60 miles are free. After that I ask for the standard mileage rate, which is 53.5 cents per mile for 2017.

Thank you!

I know there are many wonderful authors and presenters out there, and I am honored to be considered by your school. Connecting with kids is my favorite part of being an author!

Please contact me with any further questions or to begin making arrangements.

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I am thrilled to be a part of the Island Readers & Writers author and illustrator team here in Maine.