Alexandra Hinrichs

“The vibrant imagery and detailed story […] simply draw readers into the fascinating story, delighting them with surprises.” – Maine News Online

“If you are looking for a book for your child that stretches the imagination and encourages them to push and challenge the status quo, you will not be disappointed. The illustrations are beautiful and the story is poignant, but exciting. […] This work is a true treasure for your child’s library.”  – BlogCritics (chosen for BC’s Editor Picks)  

“[Thérèse Makes a Tapestry] is filled with narrative detail and lively artistic illustrations of the setting in 17th Century Paris, in the well known Gobelin Manufactory…” – Midwest Book Review

“Thérèse’s story is told with great attention to detail and lovely language, while accompanying illustrations are beautiful and will help readers really get lost in the story.” – San Francisco Book Review 

“[Thérèse Makes a Tapestry] offers a child-focused window into a time-honored artistic tradition.” – Publishers Weekly

Bangor Daily News Feature

Bangor Daily News LogoSarah Walker Caron of the Bangor Daily News wrote a feature on Thérèse Makes a Tapestry, “New children’s book by Bangor author weaves fascinating tale.” The piece begins: “Metallic threads. Colorful yarns. Sketches. These re the things used by 17th century weavers to craft intricate designs. And a new children’s story penned by a Bangor author follows the process in a well-paced, vivid tale.” Read the full article here.

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